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PDA Internet Hot Spot

It’s been going on for thousands of years. Good conversation over a beautiful meal or fine wine with friends, colleagues or business contacts. But things are hotting up. Today, people are looking for something more. A WiFi FreeSpot can help you to attract and retain custom.

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Sky Portal Sites

We are now able to offer an exciting new marketing channel to SMEs via the Sky TV Interactive service. Similiar to websites on the Internet, Sky Sites allows you to market your products and services to 10 million+ Sky TV subscribers via the new Sky eBusiness Portal.

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"There are two types of company; those that have lost data and those that will... which one are you? 75% of companies that suffer major data loss go out of business with 18 months."
DTI, 2003

Given that it typically takes 12 months to delist a company, these stats means that a company that suffers a critical data loss has a 3 in 4 chance of going out of business within 6 months.

Lastest statistics suggest that fewer than 33% of business are doing regular data backups that they keep safely stored offsite. Even fewer are checking the integrity of their backups.

The simple solution is DataSafe; an automated backup to secure offsite storage. This not only frees up staff, but also removes the all too common mistakes that can be made just at the wrong time.

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